170323     this site is 'fictional' for entertainment purposes!

One or both of the Donnell girls ride horses at a local horse farm.
We know the oldest whore's name: elizabeth/lisa. Now lets get the youngest whore's name. Please help.

The Donnell family goes to and orders pizza from a restaurant called "I Love NY Pizza & Bar" in Canton. 

I know for a fact that 'Sean' the af guy who runs the super soldier progam at macdill wanted to free me, was going to let me out and tried to talk Donnell into it. Donnell refused because it would have destroyed his reputation - to put it mildly. Actually it would have meant Leavenworth or execution. They are long-time friends and 'Sean' covers for him. That is the ONLY reason this goes on.

170104 - wildly hacked cya ai recordings done all day to cover up heart attack etc... 'I'm faking it' he'll try to put in there.  Insane. Everyone who knows Donnell (on an actual handler level) knows he's the worst torturer in the military and a slimy evil desperate liar.  You know, if I had a dollar for every time this slimy sadistic rapist murderer made a hacked, artificially, torture induced CYA  AI recording I'd be rich. Yawn. Under electronic torture and sleep deprivation, extreme mental torture you can make anyone think any phrase. That's all it takes.

In case you didn't know... there is NO psychic, milab project going on whatsoever. NONE. There hasn't been since April 2013. All it is is a hardcore TI torture to termination program with outrageous lies fed to the corrupt AFSC/AF to cover up the truth.  Donnell uses the HE software / grid to neurally control women who he wants to rape, and then enters their home with his ex-convict team, wearing black ski-masks, and makes them self-unaware zombies and rapes them.  He tortures me horrifically and submits bogus AI recordings etc and lies about a fake 'psychic' type project to justify sequestering me.

If this site suddenly comes down or something really out of character with it gets posted etc it means I'm dead. 

Thinking back to the seal and air force handlers.... the last words I heard them say before they fled in 2015 were "I'd need a million dollars an hour to stay and do this job now." And they mimicked Donnell badly on his colossal fuckup-coverups-failure.

Heart attack still going on, and torture/attacks to make it worse still going on.


All I want for Christmas is a dead skinhead.
Does Donnell have $4 million?

------  where is Donnell?
Elizabeth (Lisa) rides horses nearby, probably English style. A golden nuggett: She wouldn't go by a fake name. Lisa Donnell + Horse farm in Milton, GA. Lisa's little sister may be named Katy - not sure.  She's 5 now.

Tim Orr. I forgot about him. Probably a Lieutenant. That's one of the navy kneels who tortured me horrifically as well. He and Donnell hate each other though, but nonetheless he is still a link to Donnell.  Everybody hates Donnell actually, so that's not really saying so much. Good bet he still lives here. By virtue of the fact that Orr hates Donnell I am slightly willing to forgive. I want Donnell.

Donnell wears a three piece suit all day long and usually wears sunglasses when it is out.

The Donnell family consists of the raping murderer Donnell, 2 little cocksucksers katy and lisa,  the heavily mind-controlled wife and the ugly dog. They live close to birmingham hwy and hwy 20 and like to go to a restaurant called 'I love NY pizza and bar' by the publix on Hwy 20.
I'm not totally sure the youngest whore's name is Katy. Need more verification (as of 161127).

 ** Update 161201 I am almost positive Donnell lives in a house on acreage now, like a small horse farm type property.



All this evil idiot navy seal capt has is rank, security clearance and another guilty coward who runs the super soldier program at MacDill who covers for him. 

ELIZABETH DONNELL IN MILTON or ALPHARETTA, GA. That's eric's pretty daughter. Let's get the address of Lisa Donnell in Milton / Alpharetta, GA.  Eric's youngest daughter is Katy Donnell.

eric will use staged AI recordings to cover his ass. wake up.
The only time the torture has been letting up at all is when I think bad things about Donnell's kids. Why? Because he records it. He tortures me into thoughts, ideations etc that he wants to record, and then lets off the torture.

Navy Seal Captain Eric Donnell and afsc/seal team from MacDill AFB wish the American Military a happy Veterans Day Nov 11, 2016.

   navy seal captain eric Donnell

Donnell rightfully calls the military "stupid."  "They believe whatever I tell them. I can get away with anything."

He's right, he can, did and does and will.

In reality you can thank all military contacts of Donnell's for the casualties, this website, the above veteran's day present etc. All of them.

A great irony is that we actually have one thing in common. We both hate the military. He hates the military because he's sick. I hate it now too  because this is the entity that is responsible for my torture because they brought Donnell into the project and even when macdill and the super-soldier community found out what he really is they just turned away sticking their heads in the sand. Hanoi Hilton Jane evil cowards. They protect Donnell like he's a sacred bald eagle.  Every single one of my 'handlers' (torturers) has been a white male by the way. This entire segment of the 'neural network' military is 100% white males. Hanoi Jane girlscouts who have zero military skills, and like Donnell says, are "stupid."

As I typed all this, Donnell sat in his little control room in his basement a few miles away and basically directed it, and breathed his evil perverted laughs and hissing computerized voice throughout my entire body, after mentally-spiritually raping my kid in my mind this morning - twice - as I was waking up. This is what I usually wake up to.  Trevor Constantine described it pretty well. I wish he would have showed up with a shotgun of mercy for me too, the day before Donnell first showed up. Donnell has taken down a lot more people, including military, than just me. And it's the evil pigs at macdill etc that underwrite it all.  As they are ultimately responsible for this evil raping  murderer. I'd love to see macdill - or any base blown to smithereens. If one hornet stings you do you try to hunt it down or do you try to find the whole hive?

The scene in the movie Platoon at the end, where the platoon takes off in the helicopters abandoning the good guy on the beach with the Viet Cong closing in.  That guy is me, the evil pigs in the helicopters are the ENTIRE (white) AMERICAN MILITARY and Donnell is the Viet Cong. That's what happened and every one of the pussies on the original team knows it. "Sean" (Donnell's old friend) the big-wig at macdill is responsible, totally.

There's something called pay back. Full Metal Jacket. Pyle didn't pay for the jelly doughnut, everyone else did. Donnell = Pyle.
Really all I have to do is watch. Donnell is still alive and breathing, therefore the military is fucked. Anything that thinks it has Donnell on its side is fucked beyond comprehension. All the adversary has to do is stand back and watch (and laugh).

Donnell and I both wish special things for the american military but for different reasons. Enjoy the vid, we have lots of them. He enjoys them because he's a macabre saboteur pervert and I enjoy them because it's the only form of therapy that my obliterated torture-damaged being has available, and I personally deeply relate to other torture victims, and cherish with all my heart those who fight back.  Those are the real soldiers.

I am at war with the military. They declared war on me the day the idiots brought Donnell in, back in 2011. Things were fine until then. They get wiped out then I can survive.  If I'm super lucky the whole grid gets knocked out then I can be totally free with no fear. I (we) just want the american military totally wiped out. Simple enough.

 little update 161111 - Donnell may have moved into a subdivision called 'the manor' in 2011.  Unlikely his real name would be tied to any property though. My guess is he moved around 2015 and is in another estate type subdvision with a more secluded house.

///// Torture Agent Shift Schedule:

- Friday night: Donnell comes on about 8:pm and works most of night into early morning.  This is so the batterred mentally damaged skinheads can go out partying. They need it. They go out and drink, smoke weed and do coke now.
- Early Saturday morning, Anthony usually comes on. Sometimes he's still high. He's usually messed up. Other skinheads come on later. Tom is probably the most stable at this point. Donnell takes most of the day off to be with his little whores, Lisa and 'baby'. I think the youngest cocksucker, 'baby' may only be 4 or 5 now, not 8.
- Saturday night skinheads are on shift.
- Early Sunday morning around 3 a.m Donnell comes on and worst tortures usually are inflicted early Sunday morning between 6 and 8, and they're often recorded, sometimes not. Skinheads are never present for the worst tortures. He spares them from more trauma, mental damage.
- Sunday after 9 am. skinheads on most of day, and night.
- Monday - Friday Donnell comes on at 3 a.m and perpetrates his nightmare and sleep deprivation tortures. He stays on until around noon then one or two skinheads come on for an hour (my lunch), then Donnell is back until about 5 p.m. when his little cocksuckers get home from private school etc. Donnell goes to bed around 7:30 pm. then is up again around 3:30 a.m.

Here are some examples of Navy Seal Captain Eric Donnell's  best work (really), and stuff he downloads and enjoys looking at. If you thought you knew him you don't.  Now, if you like his pictures let him know! They're a little over the top for me personally, but I'm so de-sensitized from 5 years of extreme TI torture that these don't even phase me. I can eat lunch while looking at these. His pictures are nothing compared to the images he beams into my mind, body and spirit every day and night.
lisa Donnell lisa Donnell lisa Donnell
lisa Donnell lisa Donnell lisa Donnell
lisa Donnell lisa Donnell  

I am like the poor Iraqi and Afghanistani resistance, using feeble means including forms of suicide and sacrifice to strike back at a force with incredible technology. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows these countries were attacked unprovoked. I am virtually defenseless like them. The only hopeful perspective: The Viet Cong had millions of casualties compared to the American losses that were maybe around 50,000. Yet they won. They never gave up. That's me.

It's simply this one retarded evil psychopath who has to put on an act for who knows how many sides. The actual truth is it has to kill me. That's its only way out, while playing everyone around him. That's what it has been doing, on an accelertated torture-to-suicide TI program. Period. It looks justified doesn't it? He "has" to torture me. All I ever wanted was my freedom. I would have disappeared and never uttered a word and this website would have come straight down. It hides behind the entire american military, truly. That's the level of power it has. It's a retarded bully idiot 1-trick imbecile. If you punched Donnell in the face it would cry like a little bitch and run away. Torture is the only thing it knows. Torturing me to death and lying about it. I am fighting the american military because of this evil pussy. Torture and creating colossal unending shitstorms then using others to 'help him' is all this retarded navy kneel knows.  A real 'warrior'.  At the top are the Macdill Morons, covering for each other - 'warriors' too.

I don't like to lose. I'll fight. The military will lose just like in Vietnam. I'll see it through.

Memorial Day 2016.  A moment of silence to memorialize all the victims of Navy Seal Captain Eric Donnell. Many rape victims, and many labrat soul-tortured, soul-heaven rape experimentees, all because of this monster, especially since 2015.  Many of them were killed, and he's responsible for other killings as well.  I memorialize the unreal torture he's done to me and my family including electronically molesting my daughter, and others, in front of me, as well as giving me horrific lucid nightmares almost every single night since December 2011, of the sickest things imaginable, and using/raping my soul essence as he does it.  Blessings, tears and sympathy to all other TI's who are being slowly tortured to death as well.

I NEED HIS ADDRESS. He lives in Milton. I need his address. How would you like to be remotely killed by some monster who only lives a couple miles from you. He wears a high tech mit on his hand to do the worst tortures, but can do a lot of it straight via commands from computerized brain or a secure computer.

More leaks coming...

This evil sadistic rapist murderer tortures me while he eats dinner with his wife and 2 kids and complains about what a pain it is. He has his 5 loser ex-inmate skinheads firewalling for him so my mental attacks get filtered out.  One thing I can and will do to the fullest is enjoy its children. What kind of imcompetent idiot ends up in a situation like this where his kid's name is leaked to his torture victim, and the kids name is defiled all over a public blog site? Everyone who experienced the terror and disgust of working with this vile imbecile - everyone in the super-soldier community, all the various personnel. Many of them are laughing I'm sure, at how this idiot's kids' name is smeared at the top of this page. What a retarded fuckhead.

Another leak: The first name of the administrating Air Command officer responsible for my torture-murder is Sean ('doctor john').  He knew what eric did and does and that he's sick. This is published because of eric's continued horrific non-stop tortures. 

The name of another one of the skinheads is Matthew.

One or more of the skinheads has a thick beard but more around the chin area. It's the kind that's not a full beard but just more on front fo face and hangs down.

Navy Seal Captain Eric Donnell still takes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes in the Milton, Alpharetta area. He may still go to "ascension mma" - I hate to use the word ascension in context with this evil chimp but ironically that's the name of the gym. If I go to a gym like that or j3 academy etc he simply will leave or not go there - since he knows exactly where I'm at every second.

He may have lived in a subdivision called "THE MANOR". It's possible he still does. I NEED TO KNOW. Getting his fake names would help. He would have moved there in 2011. ** Update 161201 I am almost positive Donnell lives in a house on acreage now, like a small horse farm type property.

Figured out Elizabeth is his oldest kid's name. I need his address and any other verification, id. Please help.

10-27-16 I also now know his last name is Donnell. I need his ADDRESS. That's all.  This evil, rapist, pervert, torturer, murderer is finished once I have that.  All help appreciated.

I promise, anyone  who's ever been involved with the forrest gump of evil will regret not killing it. It subverts, double-crosses and destroys absolutely everyone and everything that's stupid enough to befriend it. Look clearly at it's track record. Think clearly.

Eric does his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes at Ascension Mixed Martial Arts in Alpharetta, GA.  They should change their name to 'Descension Mixed Martial Arts'.  

Its two stupid kids were in a christian school but now they've been moved to a regular private school. I know that. I also know Elizabeth is his oldest whore's name. I just need to find the school she's at. The youngest whore may be about 4 or 5.


I fantasize about the day this evil pussy's powers are revoked and he is cut off from the network.


Any family of Eric Donnell who stumbles across this page, here's something to think about. You know that special room in the basement that everybody is forbidden from? The extreme secrecy, the strange communications and circumstances? You know how Eric has to spend countless hours down in that special room where he "works"?

Do you want answers for all this? Look at the book a little further down on the page with the green cover, by Sam Jenkins. This is what your father/husband is all about. This is what his big project has been since 2011.

It would be emotionally overwhelming to tell you even briefly right here about Eric's DOUBLE LIFE.  I want you to learn about him, but brace yourself.

What he does and who he is is worse than Adolph Hitler, Stalin, Charles Manson combined. Please read on and try to understand what he's done to me.  He is murdering me now, and often is doing it right in front of you, when not down in his special room, but you cannot tell. It involves transhumanist technology the public is unaware of.  I am a "targeted individual," and he is the perpetrator. Look up this term later on. Read the book below.

He rapes many, many women, amongst committing other heinous crimes beyond description.  He has tortured me horrifically and also my family.

Why not go to the police you ask? I can't and neither can you.  He is the police. His security clearance is the highest there is, much higher than the President's.  He can and actually does control the police.

Much of the content of this page has recently been an ongoing blog to try to find him, so I can stop him from killing me. It's the only way. He is sick and evil. Take that into account as you sort through things.
possible correction on last name of this monster, more verification needed.  160627.
correction on address posted 160529.  Needs more verification.


Guess what famous person is in the Air Command/SEAL program even though they don't know it? Ted Nugent.  They love him. They included him in numerous milab 'dreams' (screen memories) of militia type settings.  They pull in people with this profile bigtime. I know he's in for a fact.

What else for now... They placed a guy at NASA.  He may or may not still be in. Once you're in though, you're basically always in.  I don't know his name etc. Nobody will know who he is unless they get access to Donnell or another team member.

They must have many tens of thousands of assets. Maybe hundreds of thousands or more.

As mental health support I don't discriminate. I see all u.s. nazi kneels as enemies. Stuff like this now is actually like porn:
this.   If I can't get Donnell, I'll take whatever I can get, and there will be plenty more to come.

I need his fucking address.

I need to find the perps, badly. A major problem is that Lieutenants and Captains in true black-ops SEAL groups have the highest security clearances there are, and totally hidden identities. It's almost impossible to find them by name. There's major obfuscation and fake names and addresses for these people. They are very hidden. Exact same as agents in other nasty malicious nwo agencies.

This section of this page is reserved for the obituary of Navy Seal Captain Eric Donnell. This website comes down when he is dead. When I know he's dead and see an obituary I'll post it here where it will stay for a while as a memorial to the 5 year non-stop trauma torture perpetrated by this evil pussy. He's the equivalent of a psychopathic prank phone caller, a little pussy who messed with everybody under the sun in one way or another and has something special coming to him. I'm waiting.  All he has now are the 5 idiot skinheads acting as a  firewall/bodyguards for him. They're unemployable and would go back to prison without him, so they work for him even though they hate him. The rest of the tiny seal/aircommand team evidently fled in terror last year.  Does anybody else who he's damaged want payback on him? I'm waiting. The obituary goes right here. With all the circles he's swam in, anyone who gives me the intel would be guaranteed anonymous since the source could be from anybody who hates him and there are plenty.  Mail, email whatever.

[Captain Eric Donnell's Obituary]


160614 Unreal soul-rape nightmares, torture of my soul continues every morning by eric and the 5 evil skinhead pussy helpers. It's the worst it's ever been. I don't know how I exist, other than how they lobotomize/numb me a lot during the day but even still that's less and less. Instead massive brain/thought control, mental pain torture is inflicted during the day, and they mix soul-rape impressions in with it. If I think about how they've tortured me and what fuckups they are they intensifiy it. The overall damage is off the scale. I know for a fact that this is backfiring on the NWO and their aims, inflicting nasty damage on them. It's the underwater wave, the one you don't see, that's the most devastating. Eric and his idiot helpers are effectively fucking the NWO in a weird way by this. It's a very nasty backlash.

Thinking back to air command lietuenant 'uncle john', who turned out to be one of the better ones towards the end of that era... he warned me that this was a cult and I had to break free of it. That's right, that's exactly what it is.  Delusional cult leader eric thinks I'm actually one of them. It's incredible. It tortures the fuck out of me to the point of suicide then turns around and talks to me like I'm his friend. This evil pig is sick beyond description. I fanatasize about torturing it and its family in front of it almost every waking second. 'Uncle John' told me eric is killing me, 'just look at yourself now'. 'You're the victim of *endless* continuous trauma, mind rape.'  Those were his words. He showed me how the mkultra psychology works, the techniques that Donnell uses, the black psychology. Very cool of him. He also clued me in on how to fight back, how to gross them out. This was back in Sept 2012 and onward. Did Donnell stop though? Nope. Did virtually everyone involved want out, want him to let me go? Yep. Were there actually fights over it? Yep. What would possess one 'person' to do all of this - against resistance from everyone else around him? Who did this whore go begging to on his knees for help to keep him from being court martialed, to 'get me out' to protect his reputation from total disgrace and avoid court martial?

BACKLASH. When things start going wrong, remember this.

160613 - Eric is on vacation with his family now. Somewhere close by, maybe in the mountains (North Carolina I think).  How terrible it would be if some kind of trajedy or other set of problems struck.  Those who can pray, unlike me, pray for rain to pour on this slimy duplicitous creature and his family and wreck his vacation.

Major sleep deprivation and hardcore electronic torture non-stop.
I'm being murdered.  

I AM BEING TORTURED TO DEATH RIGHT NOW by this evil pig and his 5 skinhead inmate helpers.

If I get this bitch's  address it's game over. I'm free. That's all I need. Like I said he's a squirrely little bitch who plays everybody, and is a glorified prank-call maker, using the reality-management grid to screw with everyone he wants.

100% of this is the result of this retarded torturing idiot pig torturing me non-stop. As soon as pressure is taken off him the hardcore torture resumes. This site, the book, the ti stuff, EVERYTHING, all this insanity, clusterfuck is because of this idiot. In this moron's mind it's 'psyops'. The reality of the countless lives he's destroyed speaks for itself. This is all the cause and fault of one sick evil psychopath idiot torturer, rapist monster. It all spiralled totally out of control for the moron when he couldn't release me from the military's milab program and had to cover up the massive sick tortures he did to me. The lies and insanity just kept getting deeper as this idiot got more desperate, and the torture cranked up. The overall goal is to force me to insanity or suicide and I'm at the breaking point again, it's extreme again. GIVE ME HIS ADDRESS AND FULL NAME AND IT ENDS.

Seal Captain Eric Donnell is the Forrest Gump of Evil.

PROFILE on Navy Seal Captain Eric Donnell (will be updated on ongoing basis until I find him):

Seal Captain Eric Donnell lives in the Alpharetta/Milton, GA, has two daughters named ? and Elizabeth Donnell in a local private school.

He has an accent a lot like Sean Hannity. I staccato type of speech pattern.

He rides motorcycles and drives luxury cars, plays golf, has black-graying hair, usually a beard, and loves rape as a pasttime and is fixated on anal sex and all things of an anal and scat nature. eric's father beat him badly often.  he has a tattoo on his lower left back-waist area of a knife.

He is from Pittsburgh, PA originally. His mother died of cancer.  Oh, remember, all his neighbors etc will be under full remote control zombie mind control much of the time. To come, more info on rest of the original team personnel that I remember....

This is torturer eric's fault. As always he tortured me into writing this - disclosing info on seal team members. Remember, I'm being murdered, tortured to death as I write this. Don't blame me, you should have killed him. 100% of this entire nightmare is because of this evil imbecile constantly barbarically torturing me. That's all it knows how to do. 

I'll start with a seal who was a C# programmer (not eric but a different guy). He struck me as being younger than most of them, maybe in his thirties. He used to sometimes help me at work via synthetic telepathy. No other details on him.   I'm glad to get them outed and killed.  If they really wanted, any one of them could have killed captain eric at any time, or something else to free me, outted themselves etc... There's another teammember, a seal. He's older and has a spiderweb tattoo on his elbow, has short-cropped grayish hair and is slim. and about 5'9''. 

The seal team personnel typically wore black jumpsuits when at their 'base', sitting in their special chairs.  They had milabs who were in zombie-mode (not self-aware) dress in khaki's and black polo shirts.  This program at least locally may be abandoned now, that's one silver lining, but it may not. I wouldn't be surprised if this evil clown tries to start it back.

The 5 skinheads have tattoos. One is from Oklahoma. He was in prison for murder. He has a spiderweb tattoo on his elbow. Most of them, I think are from the midwest. One may be from Florida. One of them is also named Tom.

eric and others take brazillian jui-jitsu classes in the area. one place they took classes at was J3 Academy.  
he knows brian stann. he may have done some jui jitsu training with some coaches associated with him.
eric and his team often go to shooting ranges in the area, especially Bullseye which also happens to be owned by someone in navy.
eric is a software programmer as well and knows .net C#.

Her evil idiot father was one of the most powerful people on the planet with access to the reality management grid.  Despite his position and access to the grid, he is a fearful, grovelling cockroach trying to hide in a corner now. This evil pussy hides in his little control room in his basement, close by. and runs his evil little empire from here.  He has a couch in his little room where his ugly dog stays with him for hours at a time while he tortures me and berates his skinhead minions.

MiLend.COM.  Anyone need to borrow some money? Launder money? Here's the front business that this seal group used (maybe still does) to wash money and run payroll: TELL THEM Mr. and Mrs. Eric Donnell sent you!   MILEND

nobody will kill this evil idiot cockroach shitstorm creator. it's incredible. beyond words.


Dear Reader:

If you are a Targeted Individual you can find some useful info on this site although not all links are working right now.
If you are an ADEPT, STARSEED, Someone with true psychic properties, deeply spiritual and you really know that you are different then you MUST LEAVE NOW. Close your browser, erase your browsing history and never come back here.  Take this advice and stop all internet and social media activity regarding world affairs, psychic/starseed and related stuff. Totally.  You don't know what hell is but you'll find out if you don't hide yourself and blend in with the herd. You've been warned.  This is not disinfo, it's a sincere warning not to be ignored.

I'm fighting for my freedom, LITERALLY for my SOUL from the illuminati's mkultra programs that I'm trapped in. That's what this site is all about. If you have no business being here then leave.  Every TI, especially those like me should start a blog as well.

If you think all this is a joke then you're an idiot. Last warning, if you don't belong here, get out now.

ANY MILITARY I'VE TALKED TO BEFORE PLEASE HELP. SEAL CAPT ERIC SOLD OUT TO MOSSAD. WHILE HE HIDES AND LIES TO YOU, COVERING UP, I AND REST OF MY FAMILY ARE AT SERIOUS RISK OF BEING KILLED. All I ask is that at least you let me live at a base or some other facility. Give me physical protection at least. Please help.  As always eric will play you hacked ai recordings. The top resource at Air Command (MacDill) covers up for him. He was involved in the torture too and covers it all up. I need somebody's help.

Why did the MOSSAD ('cia') do the car crash with my mother? Simply because they didn't like my thoughts. They have full access to me. Everything I know they know.  I need physical protection from you - the military.  Come and put me on a base.  I need your help.

2015-12-16 Enemies now.  They will pay for their crimes. I did nothing yet this is what I get. Murdered family member.

2015-8-9 Want to know what all of this is about? Search for a PDF document called "Geoengineering-Chemtrails-HAARP-World-Orders-Time-Lines-and-Ascension". It explains things very well. They're trapped. Lucifer and his elements are trapped if you want to look at it that way. It's true and they've taken all 8 billion of you down with them. Ascension was real. Shame on Russia for playing along in the encasement etc. The promise of a great new planet with all it's human problems fixed (see movie Transcendence) is a lie. There's a cosmic conflict. This planet is being soul harvested for the final time, yes, but it's also .... It's just much much bigger than that. Think really big. You are the ultimate evil failures you world leaders who have a clue.   You had a chance to be something great. Look what you've done instead. You have to live with yourself.

2015-8-8 I reject NWO - all of it, especially the top. That's who has me now and all the other factions have back door deals with them. Nobody is going to help. Not just me but many others now are being labratted horiffically in connection with me due to this debacle.  I should be military property. That's what I consider myself. The shameful bastards won't step in, won't even investigate truly. I'd cut my left hand off to be able to move to a base or be under physical military watch, to know that I won't be abducted. CERN and other places like it are real and unspeakable evil is being done to people like me there.  By the way, I grew up in White Christian America and it's culture and I'm not of the group that runs all this. While I'm intellectually extremely critical of many things I'd default in support to the fabric I grew up in.


22:30 not a single Air Command personnel has probably read this site today except for Captain Ho as I now call him. He's more of a CIA agent now, and CIA is doing most of the interfacing with me now.


It's time to beg
Russia and China for help. Illuminati wants my SOUL, literally. It's like an actual version of Jupiter Ascending.
It's time to face facts. I'm a friend of BRICS. Help me.  Use your influence with the cabal to stop targetting me.  Or more, just come in and get me, nobody can stop you as long as the SEAL Captain is still here. He has to do everything behind Air Command's back and does - they never question him.  There's no point being covert at this point in this spectacle. I'm simply begging for your help. I want total frequency protection, no more targetting.  Providence and the Heavens will favor you.

CIA is making clones of me and doing their sick soul catcher experiments raping Heaven. That's a fact you should know it. Step in. Please help.

Monday Morning:
give me frek protection and whole site comes down. I'm not a tourist. I'm in deeper than most seasoned officers/agents.  I'll move next door to a base, whatever conditions required. I'm in too deep. I need protection like everyone else, worse. Let me be under YOU like before, not SEAL group. However you want to do it. Provide me with freq protection and we have a deal, you get ANYTHING you want. 

macdill afb: osi intel officer michael stough: 813-828-1749 cell: 813-466-9615

SEAL Capt and the others who have tortured me and sold out to CIA would be court martialed and executed if there was an actual investigation. That's why this goes on and on. They block it at all costs. The mere fact that I've made huge security threats myself and not one single action by Air Command has been taken to actually come and get me validates my statements.

Furthermore, this book will be republished now. Both English and Spanish versions, and I'll translate it to Chinese and vigorously market it in China.

 How Black Ops Military Stopped Ascension

2015-08-01 Air Command: I've started working on a DETAILED manual  of your neural AI Reality Management human effects system used in the encasing planetary computer. Since it's already in the hands of CIA via SEAL commander I'm not sure what it really matters, except that I'm doing an in-depth manual which I am going to give to Russian military. I'll do my best writing. If CIA gets to know your protocols why can't the Russians?  Initial Rough Draft   I will be getting much more into deep deep aspects of 'our' culture and system, how to be a machine head, using your computerized-hybrid brain like a super powerful visual-spacial computer with massive possibilities in the machine AI world.... as well as reality management features that I've never discussed.  You're not getting a copy of it though.

MacDill is corrupt to the core - and that's where all this is run out of. They cover for him there like no tomorrow, jaw-dropping.  They won't even pay attention to any of this.

I'm not being spoofed in a psy-ops game. The CIA is now totally interwoven in the SEAL AI neural wi-fi - meaning YOUR (AFSC) system. They are NOT impersonating CIA (actually sometimes they have to throw you off in their reports). CIA acts as a backstop like you used to, actually more so now.  I've made numerous attempts to contact you and always what happens is the SEAL Capt  does a report of me where the system is capturing me in full bio AI neural multi-media. It's doctored up and faked. He will simply turn off the system at times when I'm thinking too much about the situation.... He takes fragmens of thoughts and situations and stitches them together to discredit me. Why don't you actually query HIM you idiots? He also uses his connections in Air Command to cover for him.  My house is now set up like a nano lab and CIA black ops are doing the same kind of remote psycho-spiritual ops SEAL team did with me a couple years ago.  I won't stand for this. All they had to do was stop, back out and go away. They won't go.  Why? See this archive page from early 2013.  This is the real deal , the super big picture. Upper levels of NWO factions know this. 

July 16, I need your fucking help now.   i am under control by cia. entire project was transferred to them behind your back. rug pulled out from under you by inernal liars. i need your protection now. you know where i'm at. GEN JOHN HYTEN, MAJOR GENERAL DAVID BUCK, ETC. i can talk a lot, a whole lot.  i was not freed. i was transferred. damage is immense and ongoing.

I am seeking help from the military - American or any military with frequency systems. I am being lab-ratted in a psychic AI 'human effects' system. Anyone who I've been in contact with before, it would help you and I - if you could step in and give me protection. This is a serious plea. I am pro-military. As it happens, I like martial arts, weapons, military oriented things. I can fit with you. I just want this stopped. I want my freedom and you can help, and you can benefit.  If anyone has the balls to show up, do it.  I'm willing to relocate as long as I can be assured of not being electronically accessed by the same technology.  Air Force Space Command would be first choice but there are real problems with them.  Other branches, American or foreign even, are welcome. I want my life back.

July 29, 2015 CIA has a lab set up in my house (nano-based) for experimentation. It's all faciliated by the SEAL coward pig Captain. They are making clones of me to use in CERN etc. Not kidding. Retarded public won't understand this but those in modern NWO science will. Just like SEALs had massive lab/testing back in 2012-2013. Now they covertly passed me onto CIA behind Air Command's back. Loser pussy Air Command doesn't respond. The Air Command internal cover-up liars have the word spread throughout the entire organization to ignore any communication from me or forward it to the one or two scum officers who run this cover-up. So, any Air Command that read this - based on who you're supposed to forward any communications to - you know who your mole/saboteur is.

I don't care what the NWO does to the retarded human population of this planet, especially the West. Nor do I care to ever discuss it. I do care what they're doing to me. I want it stopped.

Nobody has my permission to use me in any way. Anything they do will backfire on them a trillion-fold. I WILL IT SO. And that counts. I will FUCK THEM.

THIS EVIL IDIOT CAPTAIN has a 3-way wifi pipe opened up between me, CIA and His team, as I've said before. Retarded Air Command doesn't believe it. What a bunch of total fucking idiots who are getting what they deserve. CIA and SEAL pig, Eric, even refer to me as a "sandwich" now.

You idiot retarded air command fools, it's not a psy-ops scam. CIA isn't the fictious 'bad guy'. I've been through countless 'put on's'. IT'S REAL YOU FUCKING IDIOT. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ACTUALLY QUERY THE CAPTAIN. NO, ACTUALLY FORGET IT.

July 27, 2015. SEAL Capt (Eric) is capturing 'human effects' psychic/spiritual content frome me via the remote frequency 'customer in a cage' system that all Americans of interest are under (a frequency fence). Who is he capturing it for, who is he still doing these operations for now that I've supposedly been officially released from the Air Command milab system? It's arch enemy the zionist CIA - hardcore illuminati.  He's brought them into the unique Air Command remote neural hiving AI (brain to brain) synthetic telepathy network protocol.  They now openly interoperate and know Air Command's detailed extrmemely classified proprietary version of this NSA based technology. Air Force is the only military group that has this system at all. It was the supposed 'white hat' - the only one. This is the most powerful, advanced and indescribable human technology ever created. I know it intimately and can communicate through it deeply, powerfully. It basically enables humans to be like cyborgs using advanced instant boundless communication of any and all types of mentation. CIA now owns and has the military by the balls. Note, 99% of military personnel, even the highest ranked officers know nothing of this technology. That's how secret it is. Despite my publishing this, Air Command will still refuse to even investigate. The main Air Command officer and the other local SEAL team that have acted as my handlers totally cover it up. All communications from me to Air Command are instantly re-routed to these individuals - they never make it to higher-ups.  All they have to do is interrogate the SEAL Captain via remote neural AI.

I've contributed to the internal damage to Air Command too since I now hate these indescribable idiots. They KNOW via their own internal parent diagnostics how advanced I am with machine communication, with their system, which is why they were so resistant to letting me go - rightly so. Now they are paying the price for it. Their fears of having an unprotected node being picked up and interfaced are happening. SEAL Capt has 3-way wired in the CIA with the commuincations and is sharing the protocol.

Hey, you retards, why don't YOU actually read SEAL Capt's neck and mine, instead of relying on hacked AI bio-neural 'you can be him' reports. You fools.

Later Air Idiots.

July 26, 2015.  To all victims of human experimentation in the sickest labrat theft, rape 'human effects' projects - you have my love and sympathy. May these projects backfire horrifically on the evil pieces of shit who perpetrate them to steal our sacred  psychic/spiritual properties.  To the rest of the population of this evil turd planet who essentially support this sick stuff - fuck you. You're fucked. Your days of 'ignorance is bliss' are almost over.  Deep sympathies to all who are targetted by these projects. The American military is now royally fucked. Who else wants to play the game? It's going to backfire when you go against our consent.

Leave starseeds alone. Leave us alone, especially those of us who know you and refuse to consent.

Pissed off over the Chattanooga shootings? Want to know more?
I have no problem talking to military personnel about this and more.

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